Breathe Easy Full Face Snorkeling Masks

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Breathe easy full face snorkeling masks are a firm favorite for holiday makers and lovers of underwater life.

The breathe easy full face snorkeling mask makes your snorkeling experience better than ever with its uniqueness in comparison to normal snorkel masks.

  • Comes in blue (large and medium), pink (large and medium) and black (large and medium).
  • Full face design means you can see much wider angles, up to 180 degrees.
  • Full face a design means you can breathe through your nose and mouth-allowing up to 50% more snorkeling time.
  • Design eliminates fogging drastically.
  • Has built in safety valves so water can’t enter the mask.
  • Made with strong, comfortable silicone for face coverage, with adjustable straps and waterproof earplugs. 

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